Sunday, 27 April 2014

Adapt Pens for Your Cameo

After my last post, on making your own mats, someone asked if they wouldn't have to have a special pen holder to do it this way.

Well, the answer is yes and no! Yes, you need to have something to hold your pen, no, you don't need to buy an expensive holder just for this.

The way to go is adaptation. Ok, go the whole  hog perhaps if you do a lot of sketching with the Cameo or Portrait or whatever but if you don't want to do that or can't afford it, there is a work around.

Craft foam, an ice lolly stick and masking tape.  Now, the foam I can easily get my hands on is 2mm thick, as is most of it unless you manage to find the thinner stuff that the Cameo will cut.

For this purpose though, we need the 2mm variety. The permanent pens I have are the same size as Sakura Jelly Roll pens, Staedtler fine tipped ones.

All you do is cut (scissors here!) a rectangle about  two inches wide, big enough to just fit round your pen, not overlapping. A little masking tape around that to hold it together and you should be done. Your pen will have its own little jacket that can be used on your other pens too, just slide it on or off, it should be snug but not so tight you can't remove it easily.

Test it to check the fit, twisting it in. The foam should go down to about half an inch from the tip of the nib.  Now, with the machine SWITCHED OFF, move the carriage over to the right a little bit.
Place the lolly stick under where the pen should be. Push/twist the wrapped pen into the holder until it just touches the lolly stick and turn the clasp to tighten it. Check that it is firm in there, if not, remove and add another layer of tape, normal sticky tape this time will do.
Remove the lolly stick and you can switch back on. Remember to use Sketch pen setting and off you go!

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