Sunday, 20 April 2014

I Think I've Done it!

Trying to set up this blog has made me feel ancient. Where is a handy 10 year old when you need one? I can find my way around a computer but all this Google stuff leaves me positively baffled!
Still, if you can read this, then I must be getting there. I have a  Youtube channel again, after managing to lock myself out of my previous (baking orientated) one  bakeinspain after posting a couple of Silhouette Studio tutorials - don't ask me how, I've got splinters from scratching my head about that one!

My new one createinspain  is on my more crafty interests, using my Silhouette Cameo cutter to start with, and if I can get a handle on taking videos with my camera again, maybe some other crafts as well.
You can tell how hard I find it, when I did a few tutorials for some other software a while ago, I had my camera set up so that it focused on my laptop screen. When my elder son found out what I was doing, he burst out laughing (sensitive soul!) and gave me a brief low down on screencasts...:)

 I do have the occasional helper in the form of our two cats. A huge black and white Tuxedo British Shorthair with a penchant for yowling at me early in the morning (he believes I should be awake when he is) and a smaller, oh so cute and adorable Black Tippy BSH, who loves typing and strawberry yogurt.

So be patient and hang in there while I learn the techie side of things please?

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