Monday, 21 April 2014

Silhouette Studio Designer Edition V 3.0.343 and a freebie!

Well, I have finally managed to work out how to get my video files to upload directly to my Youtube channel createinspain!
Yay! I even did it without the help of a 10 yr old which I think is pretty impressive:)  So far, I have loaded several tutorials on the new Silhouette Studio Designer software V3.0.343.

When V3 was first sent out into the big wide world, it was, I think it is fair to say, a bit of a disaster.  Those who were used to the way the old one worked missed well loved features and new features that were very important, that replaced them, did not work. I am talking seriously, did not work.
However, Silhouette America have worked their socks off to rectify the situation, and although they admit the current version is a work in progress, it is very much a working piece of kit.

For those who have not loaded the new one yet, it is still split into Studio and Studio Designer Edition. I can't remember exactly the differences between the two, only to say that in my opinion, if you want to make your own files, then the Designer one is the way to go. OK, so it costs in the region of $30, but that is nothing compared with the cost of the machines or the advantages it gives you. How much decent, useful software can you buy for that? For those that already have the old DE, the new version is still a free upgrade.

Here is a taster from my Youtube channel.

So to any of you wondering, my advice would be to go for it. Meanwhile, the 'Legacy' version is still there, so if you are not sure designing is for you, then try that out first, then watch some of my videos on the new DE and see if those features are things you want.

I shall be doing more designing with the new software and, shall be sharing some designs here (as long as I can figure out how best to do it!)

Here is a print and cut I had created for the holidays, in the new version, since it is only simple cut lines, you should still be able to use it in the Legacy one, be sure to only have the pieces set to cut and the patterned bit set to no cut.

Easter Egg Jigsaw

TIP : Print another copy to act like a box lid would.  If the puzzle is cut from thin card, either cut out twice and carefully match up the pieces and glue together,  OR spray another piece of card with temporary adhesive and put the puzzle together on that, it will hold the pieces in place. I use a spray for embroidery, but temporary or reposition able spray mount is great.


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