Wednesday, 23 April 2014

That Black Cutting Strip - replacing

I had noticed that my black cutting strip was worn, I think it had been ever since I bought my Cameo, second hand. I always use a cutting mat so had not bothered to change it, since it is rarely exposed. However, at a loose end this morning, I was watching a video on replacing it and came up with an idea.

Down in the basement, hubby found what I wanted. A dark brown tough plastic strip - it is meant to be folded along its length and used as a draught excluder on door frames.
The total width is twice that of the black plastic protector but only half of that is sticky backed, perfect! So I cut it to length and then cut down the length leaving only the sticky backed piece. Lo and behold, although brown and in much better condition, it looks exactly like the stuff I removed. And it was only going to cost pennies even had I needed to buy it. The fitting instructions were just the same, unplug the cameo, move the carriage over, peel away part of the backing, lay it down, making sure it is straight, move the carriage in the opposite direction and finish laying the tape down.

So I have replaced my strip and probably just as well, it almost fell apart in my hands.

While I know this would void a warranty, mine is not covered anyway. I really can't see any reason not to use what I did, if anything it looks a bit more robust than the original!

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