Wednesday, 7 May 2014

A Little Bit Of Fun With Text Free File

Due to an upcoming dance recital (in which I play a VERY small part), dance is foremost in my mind  at present. Believe me, I have a new respect for the competitors on the TV dance shows! How hard can it be, just to learn a 4 minute segment? (The answer, is VERY hard indeed) especially when your head and your feet seem to have no connection whatsoever!

So, I was playing last night and made a little line drawing of a dancer. Didn't have anything in mind of what to do with her until I thought of Doodling Debbie and her tutorial on adding shapes into letters.

I came up with this
You can get the file right here if you would like it.  

The dancer was done freehand, I just edited a few nodes on her. The rest of the 'D' is made by overlapping two circles and rubbing out the bits I didn't want. The heart is also made with overlapping circles, then welding and finally pulling a few nodes about.

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