Saturday, 10 May 2014

Daisy SVG - I've Been Playing in iDraw!

I know I should be out by the pool sunbathing or more likely cleaning up cat fur (I have no idea how our two British Shorthairs have any fur left) considering the amount I clean up every day but I've been playing with my software instead. Tut tut.

This time I took a photo of a daisy that I painted in watercolour - took a photo ages ago, painted from the photo and NOW I'm putting it in software and playing with effects, go figure!

I made it into a mask, added various effects and generally messed around to get a result I quite like. I hope you will like it too.
Click here for the SVG file

Click here for Studio V3 File

Now, a word of warning, when I tested the link it looked rather odd but dragging it into Studio, it was fine.  If you have the SVG version, you may find it is in individual masks, just collect them all together and centre  them. I've no idea why it does that, they were grouped before saving!

You may also like to play around with the individual bits, who knows!

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