Monday, 19 May 2014

Don't Just Shop at Craft Stores!

We crafters have to get crafty when it comes to shopping for supplies. Here in Spain it is particularly necessary due to not having much in the way of local craft stores anyway! I thought I'd share with you, a photo of my embroidery thread stash.

I made the board with Hubby's help (he did the drilling - men and power tools!) We used a remnant board from the local DIY shop, cost about €2 and a load of dowelling. I painted flowers all over it first!  In case you are wondering, I get my embroidery threads in 1000m spools, it is Gunold, from here. They are lovely, and it is cheaper than buying them in the local shops. (No I am not sponsored by them). It is where I get my stabiliser  too. They are very helpful and friendly, with brilliant service.

Ebay is handy of course, if you are careful. I got my Cameo blade holder from China, along with blades, for a very reasonable price. The Chinese stores over here are great for odd bits and pieces, especially glitter paper and containers, along with bling items, nail polishes and cheap cosmetics. I don't use them on ME, they are for crafting!  Hair spray in my case, is used as a fixative for artwork, printed or drawn, not on my hair. If you want to add a bit of subtle sparkle to something, spray with glitter hair spray!

Ice cube trays with lids are great for watercolours. TIP mix a tiny drop of honey in with your paint and it will  last much longer without drying out in the wells. A plain white kitchen tile can be very useful for mixing small amounts of paint. A sheet of perspex is wonderful for using as a base to put your painting on while you work on it. Light weight and strong, you can then move your painting out of the way if you need the space for something else.

Rubbing alcohol is invaluable for cleaning things up, as is nail polish remover - and that orange sticky stuff remover is much nicer if you have to get paint off your hands.

I've a project on the go that involves silicone sealant, I can't wait to post on that but I have to, to make sure it works first!

DIY boxes are great for craft materials, especially if you are travelling.  Old spice jars with sprinkle lids are great for glitter. If I have glitter projects using different colours and I am in a hurry, I put all the excess glitter, no matter what the colour in a spare jar. It's still pretty!

I have reels of DIY tape in all sorts of colours, they are great for accents and if you want, you can stick it to card and then cut out sentiments with them.

Things like glue guns and long metal rulers are often cheaper in DIY stores too and you can get brightly coloured rubber buckets here  that are great for use in craft rooms.

Boot sales can be good, hubby picked up a box of hundreds of boxes of beads, weighing several kg, for under €3!

Dental picks are of course excellent for weeding vinyl projects and sticky backed plastic makes great disposable stencil material.

So next time you are offered a trip to the DIY store, try going, you never know what you may find!

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