Friday, 2 May 2014

Flowerpot Card Freebie

Now it just so happens that a special friend has a Birthday next month, so I decided to create a special card for her. Something that would make her smile if not downright laugh out loud! Hmm. Now what could I make that would have that effect? BLING!
I'm not one normally for lots of bling, a touch here and there maybe but not out and out, in your face, full on, bling. As it happens though, I have a drawer full of the most lovely, sparkly, bright, glitter paper imaginable and it cuts really well.
So I had a little play and this is what I came up with.
I think that should do it. Just to make sure, I added some little gems too. The file is here
should you wish to download it. The file has a pot with an arch of leaves and flowers plus the extra flowers for placing as you wish, the sentiment strip and the bands on the pot. Sorry, you'll need to source your own gems!  It would look nice too, made in more delicate materials for the flowers.


  1. Very sweet, thank you. I have been 'pulling my hair out', trying to get my sil to cut without 'shards'and having to stop the machine. I am trying to create a box card with similar flower shapes so I am goint to give this a go. I watched you Youtube tute but it is still not cutting for me - I have tried everything - it cuts the straight line well but when it get in to the 'pointy gullies'of the flowers, it bauks and trows the whole çut out of alignment! I will let you know how I go!

  2. Hi, what version of Studio are you using? The first edition of V3 was appalling. Exactly what do you mean by 'shards'? What paper type are you using? Some card really does not cut well and it is hard to know until you try. Most of the stuff I get cuts fine but occasionally, more fibrous stuff doesn't. BTW there is a new Edition of Studio this week, have not looked into what the differences are yet! If your card is wrinkling up as you cut it, then the blade is probably too deep. Combine that with too high a thickness and you will not get a clean cut.