Sunday, 4 May 2014

Fonts, Not Just for Writing!

Today there are many fonts available for you to use in your designs but did you realise that they have other uses, not just writing?
I've posted a brief video on my Youtube channel Click here  on a couple  of things you can do by treating fonts as objects. Making a paper design becomes easy, fancy round borders? No problem.

Some fonts make great pictures all on their own, just fill with a pattern or colour after you have made it bigger.  Use replicate and rotate to copy not just one but multiple images at a time. Edit the points of your fonts by converting to compound path and node editing. Separate letters or keep them together. Make them fit a shape for a logo, or around a path.  Keep your eyes open for good picture fonts, you never know when they may be handy!


Just added another quick video on making a Birthday Ring - the easy way to add a sentiment to a circle and another on how to fill text with a picture Here

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