Thursday, 8 May 2014

iDraw - first videos

Just a quick line to say that my first video tutorials on iDraw( for Macs)  are now up   Here on my YouTube channel.
I shall be making more, possibly later today but that just gives you a taste for the feel and layout and what to expect.
It was really hard to do the first one, there is so much to explain and I needed to keep it short so I have decided to go through each property box, one by one to make it easier to understand. Then I shall share a few interesting and useful discoveries.
Actually made one discovery today, my cat wants to join in. Vocally. I had to record several times to avoid his wailing, or to stop him attacking my cables in my craft room. I think he's jealous.

EDIT - I now have 6 videos on YouTube for iDraw so that should give you enough to see if you want to try it at least. There are still features that I have not worked out yet and I am sure there are some that other users know about! I'm going to play with it some more and hope to do more tutorials tomorrow.

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