Saturday, 10 May 2014

Iris Card Templates- Video and Studio File

A friend in the UK sent me a picture of a card she would like to make when she visits me later in the summer. She had no idea what the technical name for it was but from the picture I was able to tell her that it is an Iris card. So called because it is like the iris of the eye or the lens of a camera when focusing.

I've not done much in the way of these cards but I do know they are rather popular. The basic template is actually quite easy if you think it through carefully - but can be confusing.
So, I have saved you the bother and made a very brief tutorial on how to do it in Studio DE V3.0343.

Iris Template Video

In iDraw How to video (but not the file).

  Iris Card Template Studio File

So what do you do with it once you have the template?

First, print the template out to the size you want for the 'hole' part of your card, i.e. the whole cut out area.
Tape it to a stable surface.
Cut the aperture of your card in the desired shape and centre it over the template. Tape that down with masking tape too, you don't want it moving on you!

Use the coloured guide to stick paper strips or ribbon along the lines, matching the colours in your chosen pattern. Start at the outside and work clockwise or anti clockwise around until finished. If you want, you can add a decorative paper to the hole in the middle and beads etc. Cover the 'working' side of the card with a pretty paper.

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