Saturday, 24 May 2014

Jigsaw for Children

Holiday time is here again and we all know that children need to be kept busy if you don't want mischief!

So, to help you along I have made a jigsaw base for you.

 Find an image and make both the same size. That's easy enough! Line them up together and add your registration marks if you need to change them.
I would advise making a copy of the picture for obvious reasons. Also, make a copy of the jigsaw base just with the lines printed on card. You can spray with temporary adhesive to help the placed pieces stay put! With purchased jigsaws, the thickness of the pieces does that job.
The only other consideration is if you want to thicken the lines and set to cut edge - so that a tiny amount is taken out. While it takes out a little bit of the picture, it makes it easier to fit the pieces together.  Don't over do it though!
Once the pieces have been cut but are still on the mat, if you like, you can spray with varnish to finish them off.

Jigsaw Studio file


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