Saturday, 31 May 2014

Make your own Texture Medium

This is a case of accidental discovery. I wanted to make some chalkboard paint but didn't quite have the ingredients I needed. (Incase you are wondering, it is acrylic paint and a smooth grout powder).  The powder I had was too rough, so although it would sort of work, it wasn't the smooth effect I was after.
Hmm. Ok, what else is powdery....aahh! Talc! I raided the bathroom cabinet and found some baby talc. (No I don't have a baby, it smells nice!)

So I tried this mix out but I didn't think it would be hard wearing enough. Oh well, c'est la vie!

My mind started to wander though and I was thinking that it would still have texture but probably needed to be a little more flexible.  I came up with a mix of 1 part paint (doesn't have to be white, could be a colour), about the same amount of talc and about half of white glue (PVA).
Ta da!  The result was a smooth, creamy texture gel that can be used with stencils or freehand and if you want to push things into it like string or top it with glitter, you can.

It doesn't photograph well but a mix of Iridescent Medium  and PVA glue works well. You get a lovely sparkly texture gel. If you mix it and put it into an old glue bottle, you can even write with it.. DON'T try mixing it in the bottle, it's too thick. Once set, which will take a while, it remains flexible.

TIP If your glue bottle has lost it's cap, dot a bit of silicone on the nib. It will peel off easy but stop the air getting to the contents.

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