Friday, 23 May 2014

Making Child Safe Artwork for the Walls

Everyone likes to make a bedroom a pretty place or interesting, with art work on the walls.  Sometimes it is educational, sometimes not but all of it needs to be safe. I know from experience it can be pretty scary for a picture to come crashing down near your head as you sleep ( yup, it happened!) and to see  the glass inches from your face.

Obviously there are alternatives, safety glass and perspex being two of them but in the ever changing land of juvenile decoration, do you really want the cost?

Posters and stickers are all very well but not always what you want in a newly decorated room.

Enter the fake.  Repurpose a cork table mat or two. I have loads that have been ruined. Clean them up, measure and make a faux frame out of cardboard. Your Cameo will do a great job. Here is one -

Picture frame (file)

Now, make up some art for your frame, sizing to fit the table mat. Stick it on, double sided tape will do. Make your frame to size, the hole needs to be about an inch less all round, while the outer frame, a bit larger. Cut it out of pretty card or decorate it however you like. Use sticky foam strip to raise it up and stick to the art. Done! The beauty of this, is that not only is is disposable, but light weight and you can even use BlueTac to put it on the wall.

Here is a tiny one I did, coaster size.
You could even layer more frames on top if you want.

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