Friday, 16 May 2014

Mix and Match Shapes in Silhouette Studio V3.0343 DE

I spend a lot of time playing around with my software and that is how I often come across interesting things that just don't naturally occur to me and maybe, not to you either!

One such thing is my Video tutorial today on how shapes can be mixed up and matched to make a greater variety in your objects.
There is something immensely satisfying about doing something that is quick, easy and oh so effective! See the video  Mix and Match in Silhouette Studio V3.0343 DE

Making Iris Cards easier

Set up your cutting mat with a variety of small papers that you want to use. Measure the greatest length of your card aperture and decide how wide you want the strips to be. Then set up your page with lots of strips and send it to your cutter. The strips will be suited to your project and you won't need to cut down as many.

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