Friday, 30 May 2014

Silhouette Studio V3.0.531 Shadow Tool

I've just made a video tutorial on the shadow tool to post on my Youtube channel, I hope you will take a look!  Shadow tool tutorial

While the shadow tool is not one of the most useful I can think of, I suppose it has some use in trying to create a more 3D effect. It is at least worth playing with so that if at some point you are wanting to try it out on a project, you have some idea of what you are doing!

My video is only a short one, some of the advanced features on the shadow tool are pretty self explanatory and not really worth featuring for that reason (transparency for instance).  It is however worth noting the cut features which I do mention!

While I am here, I shall tell you it may be a bit quiet on the blog front for a few weeks, or at least on the video front! We have several lots of summer visitors arriving all through the month so I shall be rather busy catering for them! Plus hopefully, a bit of pool time....

I couldn't believe it today, we have not had rain for months and I finally got round to cleaning all the downstairs windows.  So what happens?  We get thunder, lightening and heavy rain. Grrrrr!

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