Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Silicone Experiment !

I do get the oddest of ideas sometimes and just have to try them to see if they work. This is one of them.

Take a tube of silicone - the stuff used for DIY. I've got the clear one. Gather some glitter (yup, going to bling!)

Then cut some shapes in a thick material. I've got a thin craft foam,  a spatula, a sheet of freezer paper or a plastic bag and some masking tape and some Vaseline.

Rub some Vaseline (very sparingly) over the sheet of freezer paper. Don't forget to do this!
Put your stencil on top and tape it down.

Put blobs of silicone in the holes and use the spatula to smooth it out. Now here, you can either remove the stencil before or after glittering, the choice is yours.

Add your glitter and remove the stencil.

The result is very pretty, very glittery shapes that are jelly like.


Leave over night at least before moving. The Vaseline should haver stopped them sticking to the sheet underneath. 
Believe me, I tried it without, thinking it would not stick. It did!

Dust off any excess glitter with a brush and you have some sparkly accents. I suspect that you could also make thin sheets of this, let it dry and cut it with the Cameo afterwards......

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