Sunday, 25 May 2014

Well, today didn't go as expected......

I was thinking I would be playing with my software and possibly making another video but it was not to be.
My dishwasher went on the blink the day before yesterday and I didn't realise it until today. I'd put the dirty dishes down to human (my) error, thinking I'd probably been absent minded and switched it off before it had started (on a timer). Nope, not the case. I put stuff on a rinse and thought, uh oh, can't hear the water whooshing around!

So, in spite of being good, doing my exercises, cleaning the floors, my crafting was not to be. I spent much of the day cleaning bits of dishwasher out, de gunking and mopping the wet floor......

However, we think we have it licked now (not literally) and it is running through a cycle as I type.  The dishwasher is 10 years old and replacement parts eye wateringly expensive, so a DIY solution was needed. We got it out into the porch.  Hubby, being the capable type, investigated all the valves, switches, sensors and heaven knows what else.  Nothing made a difference. The problem looked to be a blocked pipe. One we could not get at to remove. So how did we clear it?  First off, there is some plastic thing, looks like intestines. It looked bunged up at the top.  Hubby unhooked it and I cleaned it out with hot water and degreasant, as best I could. There were other bits we could get to on the interior of the left side of the machine, hubby opened a bit up and we put about half a cup of caustic soda in, some in there and some inside the machine cavity, topped up by hot water. It fizzed and bubbled. We let it sit for about 15 minutes.  We figured, nothing ventured, nothing gained, the machine was going to be a write off otherwise.

Switched on in trepidation and yes! The machine started to fill up properly, whooshing as it should!

After a while we opened it up and looked in, the water had lots of grease balls in it. Yuck.

So, now it is nice and clean inside and out. I took the chance to give it a good going over, since when in position there is little opportunity to do so.

Satisfying, yes, what I intended to do? No.  That's what life is about though isn't it, the little surprises!

Hope to get back to crafting tomorrow!

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