Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Customise Your T Shirts the Easy Way! Rhinestones

Living in Spain, I have got used to sparkly things everywhere. Maybe it is the sunshine, more or less 335 days of it a year. Maybe it is just the natural exuberance  of the people but they do love their bling.

Stuff that would seem outrageous in the UK is perfectly all right here. Anyhow, I have a friend staying and we decided to have a bit of fun with a plain white T shirt.

I didn't really have the time to put too much effort into the design but wanted something to fit around a scooped neckline.  This is what we ended up with. I did remove a few circles as they overlapped.
If it looks complicated, I can assure you it wasn't.  The necessary tools were in my Silhouette software already!  Would you believe this is a FONT? Yup, it is actually from Naive Ornaments font available here.  Most of it was just one character, stretched to fit, I then manually added 5 single crystals on either side.

If you are wondering what I use to cut out my rhinestone pattern, I'll tell you. A simple piece of card, cheap and unwanted. I covered this with some clear sticky backed plastic before cutting, simply to help preserve the card template. I stuck it to another piece as backing, spray adhesive on the back of the cut template, not the baking card - you don't want to stick the stones on it!  Tip -  back with a different colour, that way any missing rhinestones will stand out! 
  The stones were brushed in, larger ones first. I used another piece of sticky backed plastic to transfer the design to the T shirt. To iron it on, I used the cotton setting with a piece of very thin embroidery backing as protection. The sticky back plastic ends up melting on to the backing, leaving a clean, decorated shirt.  Best results are made by ironing on a firm surface and when finished, applying the iron again, to the inside this time.
The brush is a DIY paint pad, one of the mini ones. One day I shall get around to bending the handle to make it easier to use...
So, no special materials, apart from the rhinestones!

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