Saturday, 21 June 2014

Easy Daisy (with file)

After doing some autumn leaves yesterday, today I decided to make a typically summer flower, a daisy.  This one is really big, about 4 and a half inches across. This is to make it easier for children to make because it really is that easy!

You can find the file here.

The petals are cut out with the Cameo and stuck onto a round base after being curled slightly with the aid of a thin pencil. The first two rows are simply offset, the rest are gradually placed nearer the centre.  When all the petals are in place, I sprayed them with my home made mists. The big yellow middle is just a bit of a cotton wool ball, glued in place.  (I sprayed it yellow and orange first). 
The whole thing only took about 10 minutes after cutting.

Adults could of course, make them smaller and with fancy papers or a little more panache!
Here is a petal, after shaping.

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