Monday, 30 June 2014

Glue Sheets - The Cheat Version!

I've been intrigued by the glue sheets designed for cutting in shapes and glittering.  Just because I don't have any. I know, I'm contrary!  Neither am I likely to buy any by the time shipping is factored in, it gets expensive but I did want to play with some.

So on went the thinking cap and my brain started whirring.
I have re-positionable, clear, sticky back plastic. Bought in a local chinese shop (we have them all over the place here) and very cheap. I have spray mount. I have glitter, including flocked glitter and of course I have my Cameo to cut it out with. So all I really needed was something to put over the spray mount side so I could put it through my Cameo. Enter some baking parchment.

So, all I did was cut a piece of SBP, and a strip of baking parchment the same size. I sprayed  THE PLASTIC side of the SBP with spray mount, let it dry for a minute, then applied the baking parchment over that and smoothed it down. I stuck it on my cutting mat and just to make sure, used normal sticky tape to adhere some of the edges. (Sequence- SBP - backing down, then the parchment on top.

I cut it on card setting, but with the blade on 3 and it was fine.

Then, I put glitter on the spray mount side and brushed off the excess. This left me just to peel off the backing from the SBP and put it on something. You can see what it came out like here.

NOTE not all transparent SBP is removable but mine is. That means I can take it off when I get tired of it. If you are buying some, make sure it says it can be removed.

 The effect is really nice, they look as if they were painted on!

So yes, this works really well and is great if you are not going to do enough of it to warrant buying the real stuff. Or if you can't afford to!

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