Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Making Transparent Labels /Sentiments with Metallic Lettering

I have often wished my printer could print gold or silver. Heaven knows, for the cost of cartridges, they ought to flow with precious metals!
Unless you are very lucky though, it isn't possible. So, is there a way of making labels like the professionals I wondered.

Today, I had an idea and just had to try it out. I had bought some sheets of self adhesive, transparent, printable, label paper, but in fact, you could use cheap, sticky back plastic to do this (I would have but forgot about that, at the time!)

Cut your design, in reverse on THE BACKING PAPER side, using vinyl setting on the Cameo. Your settings may be different depending on what you are using but the idea is to cut the pattern out of the backing only, not to go all the way through to the mat.
Like this..

Now, weed it. Take your time, not like me. I forgot about the holes in the letters!

Now I was being in a hurry, so instead of using metallic acrylic paint, I used shimmer eyeshadows to colour in the letters. If using paint, let it dry before the next step.

Once coloured, spray this side with adhesive (since the paint or shadow won't be sticking to whatever you put it on otherwise.)

The only thing to do now, is remove the backing and stick the design on whatever you want. 

Like this..

Now I agree, that mine is a bit of a mess, because frankly, I was in too much of a hurry to see if the idea worked. However, it obviously does, so Metallic labels, here I come!

If you are feeling more adventurous, you could even try layering colours but for a project as small as this, I wasn't about to try that!

Here is another one,  I put it on a drawer first of all but now I have moved it to my Cameo, where it looks quite at home!


Incase you are wondering why you can't just stencil onto your object and when dry cover it with sticky back plastic - of course you can IF you are doing something like this container. However, you could not do that to say, a ready made card that you wanted to add a sentiment to, as the stencil glue could ruin your project.

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