Sunday, 1 June 2014

Metallic Gift Tags - Simple Technique

I love the tapes in my craft room. I have black, purple, red, yellow, blue and a silver metal tape. All of them were from the DIY store but hubby does not know about them and doesn't get to play with them. They're mine, all mine!

Anyhow, the silver one is the subject today. A sort of embossing tutorial. With the help of my Cameo of course! (Any excuse to use it will do!)

So, I made a gift tag stencil as a base. Cut the stencil out of a document holder - it's one of those things meant to protect a sheet of paper, made from acetate and dirt cheap. Cuts on Stencil setting, blade at 3 or 4.  It cuts really well too.

Then I cut the shape only from a piece of card with a piece of my tape stuck on to that. I used an embossing tool with the stencil on the REVERSE side, putting the card onto a piece of craft foam to work on. I decided to add more dots manually afterwards. To finish off, you could back it with another cut out tag to tidy it up and make it easy to write a message on the back.

It isn't easy to get a good pic because of the light bouncing off of it. The same technique would make great fake jewellery or buckles for fancy dress or theatre costumes. I should probably have used a different font, this one was a bit too light but hey you live and learn!  All I need do now is find some gold tape....:)

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