Thursday, 26 June 2014

Silhouette Studio V3.0.531 Discussion (Software for Silhouette Cameo cutter)

I put the explanation in brackets, since this  blog is not only about cutting with the Cameo and some people who stumble on here may be confused!

So this version has been around for a while now. How are you getting on with it?  How does it compare to any other software you are using?

For my part, I'm getting on with it pretty well. I'm disappointed that my printer/scanner/Mac combo does not play with the Scan to Studio feature though. That would be useful. Maybe it is a Mac problem, I have no idea but it just won't recognise that there is a scanner there. Something to do with twain drivers I think.

Some people are finding issues with the print and cut. My problem with those has been with shiny papers. It does appear to be more sensitive to those but how that is, is puzzling. In my case, cutting them in a weaker light to avoid glare is better. Strange when usually more light is needed for print and cuts!

The main issue I have had, is chads. Those annoying, hanging bits that you are either trying to weed out or are keeping your cut from being perfect.

However, in general, the software is an improvement. I love the nesting feature, the layers and the cut by line or object colour. I can pretty much design what I want in Studio, which is not bad considering I have only been cutting less than a year. Admittedly, I do have previous graphics experience but this software is easy to learn.

What do I hate?  Not being able to save to SVG. I have other uses for the files I create and it would be great to save in that format.

So what are your thoughts?

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