Sunday, 29 June 2014

Some Great Sites to Learn From or Buy From (not sponsored)

Just let me start by saying that none of these sponsor me (some will not even know of my existence!)
Some are not craft related or only indirectly but they are all sites or channels that I think are worth looking at for various reasons. I will not necessarily have bought from them, just found them as a resource.

Goss Makeup Artist  Is one I recently discovered when browsing for info on airbrushing would you believe!  Wayne is a talented makeup artist who shares tutorials in order to teach the public how to get the best results from makeup.  He's not pushing a brand, is honest about what he thinks of a product and gives professional tips on new methods and money saving in the cosmetic field.  Everything from eye makeup for hooded eyes (got those) to bridal looks. Seems like a really nice guy and posts new stuff very regularly.

Air brush artist  Ryan comes from a family of airbrush artists, a very talented guy who has learned his craft from an early age, growing up surrounded by paints.  He has a very calm demeanour , is great  to watch and explains things clearly. I hope to learn a lot when I get my hands on my airbrush (not long to go now!)

Doodling Debbie  What can I say?  Debbie is the first Silhouette Studio video maker that I found when I got my Cameo and the founder of the Silhouette Plus forum. Debbie also has a blog, linked from her channel. Not affiliated to Silhouette, just uses the software.

Cleversomeday  Is clever all the time!  Master classes particularly in Tracing function for the Silhouette Studio software. Also expert in other graphics software. She rocks!

Realistic Art  Ross is a brilliant artist, not just in painting but in jewellery making too. Love his work and he is generous in his tutorials. Great use of colour and form.

supplies (for cutting)  A UK site that sells all sorts of transfer mediums, like Glitterflex for making Tshirts and stuff. I have not yet bought from them but they seem to have a great range.

Inkjet supplies in USA  This company appears to have everything you could want that you would put through your printer, including waterslide  transfer paper and static cling for windows.

Machine Embroidery Supplies  This one I have purchased from, great company and you'd be amazed at how much thread you can get for very little money. Quality stuff too, since they supply businesses as well as individuals.

Well that's just a few, hope you check some of them out and enjoy!

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