Sunday, 27 July 2014

Background Stencils Tutorial

Good morning!

Today I have made a new Background Stencil Video  to show you how easy it is to create them with Silhouette Studio V3.0531.DE

I've made a freebie  file for you too  for you to play around with.

I'd like to say 'Hello' to any friends from the Airbrush Tutor forum - I know that there may be some of you who are looking to get a plotter - my youtube channel has lots of videos that show how the Silhouette Studio software for the Cameo and Portrait works. Not suitable for everyone and the major drawback is that files created in it can only be saved in their format (the most irritating, stupid thing about it) but  a cheap alternative to business plotters for those who don't need one AND  the basic software is free (Designer Edition isn't) AND is Mac friendly!

There are a few videos there on creating stencils.

There is also a great site  that lets you upload photos and get 3layer stencils from them. Don't forget, you could upload lettering to use in it too!

Storing stencils can be a pain but I have found the best way for me, is to put them in ring binders, in individual pockets, together with either a painted stencil or a photo of one, so I can see what I have. The photo goes in the front of the pocket with the corresponding stencil behind it.

When I paint pictures and use a stencil for preserving a shape, I keep that stencil too, in case I want to do the same picture again, maybe in a different colour (for flowers for example).

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