Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Useful iPad Apps for Arty Types!

I'm all in favour of using whatever tools help you to get the results you want. As long as the end product pleases you, does it really matter how it is achieved? I consider myself more of a watercolorist  than any other type of artist but it doesn't stop me using acrylics if need be or combining other methods of painting.

So, in a similar way, I am happy to use iPad apps if they happen to be useful.

One that may appeal to Scrap Bookers in particular is called 'Bubble Frame'.  It's cheap, has backgrounds, photo frames and allows you to add text as well as having preset layouts. When you have finished, email the JPEG and you can then use it with your cutting software or whatever other application you want.

A more 'arty' one is called 'CopyIt'  -  I think this is one of the BEST apps for artists. It is a modern way of using the grid method to help to draw or paint whatever you want, while retaining accuracy and perspective.  Not only can it apply grids but also edit your photos to be more artist friendly- extracting detail or such.

It may well be worthwhile setting aside an hour every now and again to browse for new apps, it is amazing what you can find!

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