Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Vinyl Transfer Tip

Just a brief bit of info today but none the less, useful!

If you are in the habit of doing vinyl lettering, you probably know that one of the most difficult and frustrating aspects is getting your design to transfer to whatever you want to put it on. Nothing like it going wrong 3/4 of the way through to make you want to throw your project off the nearest high building!

There are several methods that can be used, you have to try them and see what works for you.
Generally, you cut your text, weed it (get rid of the bits in the middle of letters) and then use a transfer tape or such to move it.
Now, if you don't have a special transfer tape (and I certainly don't), you have to come up with a replacement.
Masking tape, cellophane paper sprayed with temporary spray mount, bad cheap sticky tape and lastly, dry wall tape can be used. It is this last option that I want to focus on today.

I found that with delicate  lettering, it is often hard to get it to come off the backing to stick to the dry wall tape, precisely because of the (otherwise) virtue of easy release. The solution, I discovered is a particular technique, using the edge of the work top and pulling the backing away at 90 degrees to the lettering and dry wall tape.  Not easy to imagine is it - so I have taken a couple of pictures for you.
First, here is what dry wall tape looks like ( I never knew what it was either!)

Now, here is how to use it...

With my left hand I am pushing the backing away from me, while at the same time, (and sometimes with the other hand) Pressing the letters hard against the edge of the table to make them stick to the tape. 
 I was making a label for one of my airbrushes, to say 'Food Use Only'.

You then press the letters onto your project, in my case a plastic box, and voila! 

Incase you are wondering, the reason dry wall tape releases well is because of its reduced contact area, because it is made up of strings, not solid material.

So there you have it, my tip for today!

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