Wednesday, 6 August 2014

A Fix for Alignment Tool in Silhouette Studio and an over view of PixScan

I found a bit of a glitch in the Alignment tool so I've done a work around for it. You can see the video here

The new PixScan feature looks great.
What do I think of the latest software?

Generally I'm pretty happy with it. I only wish that us Europeans could get the mats at reasonable cost, without paying  what would end up at twice or three times the price - and get them now.  Here in Spain I can't even find a mention of them, let alone order one.

The new version still does not recognise my particular scanner, so where some people will choose importing from that, I had to use a camera. So I have managed to get that bit to work but can't do anything else because I have no mat.

The release notes can be found here for those who want to know what the differences are between versions.

Many will be relieved to know the roller bar now appears again in the window, handy to have and the filling objects with digital images has been repaired.
I've yet to do any serious road testing to find out if anything else has changed much but I am shortly to start on Christmas stuff, so ....

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