Monday, 18 August 2014

A Starry Blue Christmas Card - Free file

I must be on a roll here, another Christmas Card. Apart from getting my own stash ready, they are always used up eventually.

You can get the file here. I've included a couple of elements that I have not used but that you may want, a different sentiment and a stencil. In fact the card is versatile, change the sentiment and it could be used for anything from a 4th of July card (red sentiment!) to a Birthday.  

The mass of stars was created by drawing an irregular puddle shape and a few stars. I then grouped a few stars, changed the centre of rotation and used the rotate copy function to get more. I then ungrouped them, selected the 'puddle' as my selected area and nested them. 
The next step was to put them on the edge of the card base, go into point edit mode and add points along the edge and manipulate them to get the effect I wanted.

I made an offset of the basic card shape as a background. For the sentiment, I made a donut shape as a hoop, wrote the sentiment vertically, ungrouped and then moved them into place and welded the lot together..  So there you have it, a simple but effective card that does not take long to make. 

Change the colours for a completely different effect.

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