Friday, 1 August 2014

Caddy with Handle / How to Avoid Mistakes!

Sometimes a design comes out as you expect when you cut it out. Sometimes it doesn't, it is all part of the challenge. Sometimes you simply make errors when constructing a project, especially in the 3D area.

Here is a case in point, a handy little caddy that I made to put some glitter pots in.

Spot the not so deliberate error! Yes, I lined it without thinking that the sides were going to be stuck over it. 
The idea of this box, is to make two and stick them, back to back to make one caddy. The file is here if you want to download it.

Here is where I made the mistake.....

What I should have done, is put the sides together (at the back) after putting all the tape in place. Then I should have put the lining on and finally stuck the dividers in and completed the box.

The last stage is to put tape on the back and stick it to its mate, like this....

Sorry, you'll have to buy your own glitters....:)  So the moral is to think hard about your method of construction before you do it!  If you want something fancier, you could always make a border to put around the top or add a 3D flower or two.

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