Sunday, 17 August 2014

Christmas Window Card with Free File.

I know, it is the middle of August and here I am doing Christmas cards. Normally I would shudder at the thought but if you have a lot of people to make cards for, then you need to start early to avoid panic.

The trees were made from images from Altogether Christmas  who very generously allow downloading of many designs for personal use.

I don't, but since I am doing a blog to give you a design, I thought I'd better do it now rather than later. Keep it in your stash or until you need it.  I have not put on a sentiment but you could easily do so.

This is what it looks like and here  is the Silhouette Studio file.  Please note, my cut settings may be different, please check them before cutting.

So how is it made?

I started off with the base cut out and a scrap of torn paper as a guide for the sky. I used an airbrush but you could use a sponge or spray mists.
I added a couple of light blue streaks for snow. Note that I have taken the design onto the back of the card too and I am doing 2 cards in one go.
I've added some stars too.  (The stars on the trees can be blanked off on the stencil with masking tape.) Trees in the foreground will be bigger and darker than those in the distance. If you don't want to paint them in, cut them out in a range of tones and sizes.
While waiting for it to dry, I stuck some acetate onto the back of my window frame and some double sided foam tape onto the edges of that.

Using an acetate cut of the window frame, lined up with the top right edge of the card and some texture paste (you could just use thick white acrylic paint) I added snow to the lower left corners.

The stencil is then lifted and the paste allowed to dry. Then I stuck the frame on the front of the card.

Please note, stencils if made of acetate, need to have spray mount on the back, to stop movement and ensure no paint leaks through.

Lastly, I added a red paper insert, just to tidy it up.

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