Friday, 15 August 2014

Gimp - Tutorials Designed for Crafters rather than Photographers or Web designers!

It has been a while since I did much regular, serious image editing,  many years since I used Corel to any degree. 

Using a Mac, I have to go over to the dark side to use it and I try to avoid doing that. A while ago I tried to use Gimp but found my system did not like it, I could not get it to work but I recently tried again (V2.8)  and all is well! Yay! 

So I have set about learning it but instead of learning all of it badly, I wanted to learn bits of it well. You know that quote, about Jack of all trades, Master of  none?  Do I really need to know how to do hefty photographic stuff? No, not really, I am not a pro photographer and never will be. My camera takes good enough pics for me, so basic editing is all I am likely to need.

What I do want to do is use it for craft purposes, making papers, cutting out images from backgrounds, maybe doing some text work, that sort of thing.  There are some great, powerful tools in Gimp that are fun for us crafters to be able to use.

I have started to make some tutorial videos on Gimp, starting from the very beginning.
Have you had that feeling of panic, 'Well I've opened the ***thing, NOW what do I do?' Then these videos are for you. 
 They will all be on my Channel, Createinspain.  Each one is going to be short and focused on only a little bit at a time, with the intent that you can learn that bit and learn it well before moving on to the next.  Then if you need to go back, you can, without having to wade through too much unwanted stuff.

There should be little difference if you are using Windows or a Mac except in how files are accessed.

So here we go - Gimp for the clueless!  How to set up so you can follow along with me.

Video number 2 is here  How to open a page or image and Brush Basics.

If you want to know when new videos come out, subscribe to my channel and you will get notifications and if you have anything nice to say, please leave a comment!  I don't edit videos, so if I fluff it up then so be it, I'm only human!  If I really fluff it, I start over....

It is worth noting that I do expect you to be able to close a programme down, but that's about it.  As I said, this is for the clueless. Bite sized chunks for easy digestion!

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