Friday, 29 August 2014

Glittered Snow Scene Christmas Card - free file

It must be the romantic in me but I love snow scene  cards. I mean, I hate the real stuff, it's usually mushy, dirty white slush in the UK, only when it first falls does it have beauty, that chilly crispness.

No, snow is best left to Christmas cards and the Alps.

So I set about designing a scene that could be cut in one piece. You have to think differently, think about what will be left behind as much as what you cut out.

Once I had my drawing - the old fashioned way, I imported it (scanned) into Gimp and clicked the magic wand to get rid of the bit I didn't want, then filled the bit I did want with bucket colour.
Saving as a jpeg, I imported it into Silhouette Studio to do a trace. It is easier to trace a solid than a line!

I cut the base card, a piece of blue acetate (document wallet) for the backing and the scene in white card. I sprayed the scene with adhesive and glittered it.

Then it was a simple assembly job.  I have included a positioned window on the inside for text but I just hand wrote inside with a silver pen - so that the text does not show through much when the card is displayed.

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