Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Making Fancy Shapes the Easy Way - Free File and Video

It isn't yet the Season To Be Jolly but I am getting ready by making my cards. Not for me the final rush, if I can help it. No, this year the key word is 'organised'!

So I figured that while I was at it, I'd share how to make plain, boring outline shapes far more interesting. Do these and recipients will think you slaved for hours...

see the video here  and another here    (forgot to tell you how to do welded ones!)   and files here  See, it must be getting closer, I'm present giving already!

Here is one I made earlier, as they say!  Cut out in white card, glued to a black background and mounted on a plain white card base. Added a few dots to finish it off.

The secret is to start off with a very simple shape. Use a brush stroke from Gimp or Photoshop - Save as a png and import into Studio or scour your fonts for a simple picture font. The simpler the better.

The great thing is the sheer variation you can get, so watch the videos now and get cutting!

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