Sunday, 7 September 2014

Compound Paths and Use of Eraser or Knife Tool With Them

I was playing around in Studio (as often the case) when I noticed something odd. It involves compound paths.  Thanks to Gayle on the Silhouette Plus forum for her help in finding out what the problem was!

 If you have shapes inside a compound path and then use an eraser or knife to break the path around them, not only does that path break but also that of the inner objects.

Here is a little video I made, it is very short but shows what I am talking about.

While most of the time this is probably not an issue because you will know that it is ( as a whole) no longer a compound path, it may well be an issue if you then use those inner shapes for something else.

Even if you repair the outside line and make it a compound path again, the inner ones will still be open, like this. Here I made a different shape by adding more lines and making sure the outside was closed, and then selected it and made it a compound path. Because the inner shapes are still open, the compound path only applied to the outer shape instead of all of it - as you can see because the fill just ignored the inner shapes.

I have reported this to Silhouette but I really don't know if it is a bug or if they expect it to work like that. Either way, from what I gather from some other users, it was like it in earlier editions too.

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