Monday, 1 September 2014

Review of the New Style Silhouette Pen Holder 2-3T

Thanks to a friend in the States, I have my hands on one of the new pen holders, so I thought I would try it out and let you know how I got on.

Here it is

In a complete departure from previous styles, this one is made out of plastic cuffs, small, medium and large, that grip the pen and a collar that it all goes into.  'Yeah, I get that' I hear you say ' but what is that little bit on the left?"

The answer, is a VIB or a Very Important Bit.  So how do you use it?  Easy. Slide a cuff of appropriate size over your pen shaft, with the tapered end toward the nib.  Put the VIB on the narrow end of the pen holder body. Slide the pen into the holder until it touches the VIB (or cap as it is officially known) and then screw the cuff down till locked in place.  Remove the Cap and insert in the  Silhouette.  Nice and simple.

So I tried it out with a load of my pens

It wasn't able to screw in with this one

And this one was a definite no- 

But all the others were just fine. Everything from Sakura to Pentel to Stabilo and the cheapies I get in the Chinese shops.  If there are two that it can't use, then I'm still happy!

The great thing is that it holds the pen securely, centred and the cap ensures the pen is set to the right depth.  It meant flawless writing and no having the pen judder out of the holder as happened before.

NOW here comes the warning. Don't lose that cap! It makes setting the depth so easy that if you lose it, you're going to kick yourself.  I've found a little jar to put my holder in but as a design refinement for the future, I would suggest they put a nub on the body to hold the cap tight when not in use.

All in all, well done! Just in time for all those Thanksgiving cards in the USA and Christmas cards in my case!

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