Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Tiered Tree Christmas Card with Free File

Here is my latest Christmas Card. Maybe living in a hot climate for most of the year makes me dwell on snow and wintery bare trees?
It's pretty simple to make.
Cut out the base and add ribbon trim.
Decide on your greeting and cut it out. It is important to place that next, so you don't get carried away and leave too little space to fit it in!
Don't do what I did and glue a letter down crooked. (Shh! See that letter H? Ooops!) No one will notice.

Then cut out your trees. I varied the size and put a grey flocked paper one in the middle at the back  Did you notice? The two big ones are raised on sticky pads. 
Finally, a few dabs of snow and we're all done.
If your 'snow' does go clear, use a fine brush or a cocktail stick to dab the tops with white pearl paint or nail polish when dry.

You can find the file here  I've included some snowflakes to use as an alternative.

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