Sunday, 12 October 2014

Flourishes in Silhouette Studio DE3.3.277 with Free File and Video

Making flourishes is not that easy  if you draw them in Studio. Although it can be done with a lot of node editing if you are inclined to do it that way. Sometimes I do it just for the fun of it but then I'm odd that way! There is an easier way of designing them.

The old fashioned way. Sort of.

Well, it starts off the old fashioned way, at least!  Use a fine tipped pen to draw some flourish components, scan them and import into Studio, or if you have a chisel tipped pen, you can try tapered flourishes. Out of all the pens I have, I don't have one!

Use the 'low pass' in the trace page to trace them, individually if need be, but most can be done all in one go.

When you trace, you will get double lines. Some you will want, some you won't. Release the compound path and ungroup everything. Delete the bits you don't want. Group the bits back together as you wish.

This is the basics. For more info, watch the video linked above. You will be amazed at the variety you can get just from a few simple lines. The video also gives tips on some extras.
NOTE These flourishes are suitable for sketch pens, not cutting.

Your free file is here.

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