Thursday, 9 October 2014

Glitches in Latest Version Silhouette Studio (Mac using Mavericks)

The latest V3.3.277 is pretty good but still has a few oddities. I emphasise, the software is good but there will always be things to be fixed or improvements to be made.

As a Mac user, I usually add a screen shot to my design files,(using the file info box) so I can more easily find what I want.
If I do this with a single design on my desktop say, then when I double click it to open, it comes up with an error message saying that I have no software selected to open it and I have to manually choose to open with Studio.
If I do the same thing with a group of files and put them all in a folder, I can open them as normal. Very odd! I have reported it.

I also found I was having trouble with dragging a bounding box around objects to select. Sometimes all would be got and sometimes not. I sent screen shots and file to Silhouette to see what the problem was.
In this particular case, there was a minute blip outside of the mat area. I couldn't even see it when zooming right in, it was that small! It was only by selecting ALL and right clicking to separate the pieces, that a tiny thing showed up with a bounding box. We're talking a single pixel or something! No idea how, but it must have got made and combined into part of the design, causing problems.

At present, importing Vector PDFs seems a bit hit and miss. Again, this has been reported. The new functionality should mean that if you have a Vector PDF, Studio will import it to have cut lines already, without tracing.  I have some software that export as PDFs and they appear to be vectors but Studio is not reading them. EDIT - My fault in the case in question - there was a raster image in it!) I hold my hands up, my mistake!  It's hard to know sometimes, what an image is made of!)

It would appear that most Studio users use Windows and not Macs, so if you are a Mac user and are having issues, please comment and  I will do my best to seek an answer for you.

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