Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Inkpad for iPads - Create Vector files on your iPad for cutting. (FREE APP)

Some people never use their iPad for anything more than browsing the net, or reading books. It is a waste of really good technology for those who are into crafting. Many people know there are a lot of photo editing apps out there but not so many realise there are great graphic design apps too.

BTW, I am not sponsored in any way for this, I just think it is a really great app that you should know about.

Thanks to OSX8 and Yosemite, I am now able to record directly from the screen of my iPad, so I have been able to record a brief Video review for you.

Please don't be too critical, it's the first one I've done on this and it feels weird! I'm sure there are  many features I missed out - for example it will do all the usual stuff you can do with paths, like welding etc and I forgot to mention that!  Talking to myself while using my computer is bad enough, now I have to talk to my iPad!

This app is simple enough to use while still giving you plenty of features to design with.  If you are used to designing in Studio, you won't have a problem understanding all the tools. Your finished work can then be saved as a VECTOR image, just right for cutting. You can email it or send it to the cloud, whatever your preference is, export as PNG, PDF or SVG.

You can import photos/images/clipart to trace (handy if you use them as a basis for painting) to give you a sketch to work from, or cut out bits to add as embellishments. The really nice thing is that you will be using the touch screen. I have a conductive pen (cheap one from the Chinese store) to use instead of my fingers.
I couldn't remember how much I'd paid for it or if it was a freebie - I  just looked, and  it is FREE! How often do you get things that good for nothing?

This app would be really handy for anyone who has SDDE ( the basic edition of SDE does not support import of SVGs)  or anyone who has not only a Silhouette but another brand of cutter as well. SVG's are commonly used across the board.

Just think, you have the freedom to play while on the bus or train, or just sat on the sofa with a coffee.

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