Thursday, 16 October 2014

My Letter To Silhouette America re New Cameo

I sent an email to my contact at Silhouette -

"I feel so sorry for all the software guys, I really do.

Just when the software is improving so much, the hardware department seem to have been asleep for the last few years. Snoozing under downy quilts. Dreaming sweet dreams.

I am not the only one who is sorely disappointed in the new release, forums are seething with indignation.

Pretty much only cosmetic improvements, oh and by the way, didn’t get a newsletter, never have had one, even though I’m signed up for it…

The powers that be should be really thankful to the software guys because I’m that close to getting something like a Zing or a Silver Bullet and the only thing stopping me, and probably others is the ease of use of Studio. (So that’s why they won’t let us save to SVG..:)  The software does what I want it to, I could just do with being able to handle thicker, denser materials.

An increase in force would have been nice, being able to emboss or engrave, even if it meant bringing out a totally new machine, a Pro version if you will, for a few more dollars.

I was looking forward to telling hubby what I want for Christmas, a nice big box to open with excitement. Instead I’m going to go shopping….

It looks like the hardware guys have given up or can’t be bothered to keep up with the competition, it was a sad release.

Not your fault I know, but perhaps you can pass this on to whom it may concern. "

Here is the reply ------

"Thank you for your feedback! I'll be sure to have it relayed to the appropriate departments and teams.

To clarify, the new CAMEO is a product reset. The machine has only been around for 3 years and we felt that there were some little things that could be improved. If we were to have increased the size or cutting force or changed the machine in some dramatic way, it wouldn't be the CAMEO. As such, we were just improving upon the existing CAMEO with this particular update.

While we would of course love any existing users to update to the newer CAMEO model, our focus continues to also be on bringing in new customers who are just being introduced to the Silhouette. We asked ourselves whether users would prefer to continue to have the same CAMEO as we started out with, or if there were some improvements we could make to the CAMEO model. We felt there was room for improvement on some of little things and so decided to make adjustments to those areas.

Again, it wasn't intended to be a new machine. Just an improved version of what many have already come to love and enjoy. We recognize that there are many existing users who have a wish list of other features that they'd like to see on new alternate cutting models, and we're still exploring those. We know there are users who like to update to newer cutting models from time to time. We understand the disappointment of some of the existing core group of users and we're sorry for any frustration experienced with our attempts to provide some little updates to the existing CAMEO. Please know that we continue to think of you as well and are continuing to work toward newer features and technology. :)

Please of course feel free to continue to relay any feedback you may wish to share. We're genuinely happy to hear it! I do sincerely appreciate you and all you continue to do to support Silhouette! :)"

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