Tuesday, 7 October 2014

NEW Version of Silhouette Studio software - V 3.3.227 Designer Edition

For the majority of users, this version is not too different, mainly bug fixes.
However, there is a NEW FEATURE that is worth knowing about, especially if you do a lot of print and cuts.
Here  is a brief video.
The Shade Effect Feature
It allows you to change the colours of all the fills (except colour fill) so you can personalise your patterns or correct any photos that you want to use, without having to use a different piece of software.

I think that this well be a very useful function.

Now, about that exception. The Shade Effects work on all the other fills because they are images, whereas normal colour fills are not.  So there is an easy way round this to get all the colour variation you want. Find an image anywhere on the internet that has a flat fill. Make a selection out of it and save it as a jpeg. Add it to your Pattern Fills in the usual way -  now you can select it as a pattern fill, but of course it will have no pattern - you don't need it to! You will now be able to make it any colour you want by playing with the Shade Effect tool, so you only need do it once. It's easy to use, you're going to love it!  I suggest making swatches of the three primary colours, red, blue and yellow. From that you will be able to get pretty much any variation of shade you want that isn't in the colour swatches already in the software.

NB With this version of the software, you only need to drag your image /colour swatch into the pattern library to save it. How easy is that!

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