Wednesday, 15 October 2014

The 'NEW' Silhouette Cameo

According to 'Scrappy DIVA', today, a new version of the Silhouette Cameo is announced. Unless the information is flawed, sort of new. Cosmetically new.
It has a little blade to manually cut off vinyl rolls. A storage compartment for a spare blade holder. A USB port instead of an SD card slot. A slightly more obvious edge guide for the cutting mat. A sprung design roller for avoiding damage to delicate  materials.
The main thing is a touch pad screen and 'sleep' function.

I'm a gadget lover and I can't think of a single excuse to trade mine in for the new model. That's sad.

So much improvement in the software design stuff but this new machine should surely have had more cutting force, ability to emboss maybe, SOMETHING to get us users excited. Wifi connectivity perhaps
Sorry Silhouette America but I am sorely disappointed. I really wanted an excuse to trade up, the thought of a nice big box under the Christmas tree perhaps, the anticipation building on Christmas Eve...

Oh - and so far, I have found no mention of it on the Silhouette America site.....even though I am signed up for news letters and updates. I've never had a newsletter, come to think of it!

My advice to anyone thinking of getting an electronic cutting machine would be to find one of the old stock if you can get a good deal on one. Unless you are really keen on USB ports and touch screens, that is.

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