Friday, 7 November 2014

Advent Calendars- free files for Silhouette Studio -LET'S CELEBRATE! 100 BLOG POSTS!

Would you believe it? 100 POSTS! I thought we ought to celebrate, so I am giving you two different FREE FILES!
Last year I made two sorts of Advent Calendars. So here they are, just in time for you to make for the coming Christmas season.

The first one was for a special young lady. I designed and made 25 mini handbags to tie onto ribbon. Each one was big enough for one sweet or chocolate.

The only thing I would warn - make sure your glue is up to the job. Sadly mine was not, and most of them ended up coming apart!  Thankfully, she just kept them on the kitchen counter but after all that effort, I was really  disappointed.
You can get the file here.  The number on the front acts as a catch, the flap of the bag tucks in behind it - only the lower portion is glued. A bit fiddly to get the handles in place but effective when done. I topped mine off with nail decorations, Tiny bits of added bling.

The other one, happily did not suffer in the same way. It is an Advent Cottage. Choose deep reds or pale frosty blues for a different look. Add fake snow, hey go to town and add glitter as well...

The basic boxes are matchbox style. They are given brads for handles. They are stacked and bound together with a strip of paper. Then the eaves are put in place, front and back and then the roof is added. I have put a door in the back to allow some battery votives to be placed inside. Mine change colour, it looks really pretty at night.

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