Thursday, 13 November 2014


Baubles can be all sorts of sizes, made from different materials according to what effect you want.
The basics of making them will give you the opportunity to get creative, while using very few specialist materials.   Here  is the Video on the making of the Studio files.

Some baubles can be designed to open and close even after construction, others are not able to do that. You may like to make tiny ones for hanging on the tree or big ones for room decor for a party.
As long as you can cut it and the material is stiff enough to hold shape but still flexible, you can use pretty much anything you like, from acetate to metallic crepe paper!
Double sided card is good. You don't have to have the diamond cut out, I just think it adds something to the design, but you could also use a different shape for the cut out, like a circle or holly leaf shape.

So once you have the bits cut out, you can start putting things together. Make sure to thread them on so the outside pattern faces the knot on the base. If doing two colours, you alternate them.

Tie a knot in the ribbon, thread on the strips (you can knot again if you want). Decide how tall you want your bauble and tie another knot before threading the other ends on. Rotate the pieces till you get the effect you want. This 6 inch one takes 14 pieces.

The method is similar for the one piece baubles. For tiny ones, I use a thin wire and beads instead of ribbon and knots..
Start with a loop in the wire, add a bead and push through the centre of the base. Thread on the ends of the arms, uppermost first, in sequence. Get the depth you want, add another bead and close by looping the wire again. It has the advantage of giving you a hanging point too.  If you like you can thread beads on the internal wire to make it pretty, or put a length of drinking straw on it. 
To make it fancier, you can also add tassels to the base and a ribbon bow to the top.

Files for the designs are here.

I've used paper ribbon but you could also use decorative boot laces, fabric ribbons or tapes. These are so easy, a child could put them together, so it makes a good project for you to do together. Obviously, with young children it would be wise to steer away from wire and beads that can be swallowed!

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