Sunday, 9 November 2014

Christmas Ornament Bling! Free Studio File

I admit it, something has got into me. I blame it on living in Spain but I'm losing my British reserve, my stiff upper lip....Ok, so I never did have one of those..
What I am referring to is a warming towards Bling! Glitz, glamour, a bit of sparkle...the Spanish know how to do sparkle. Odd when their homes are often kept so dark, or maybe that is why? The spanish like a bit of bling in matters of clothing, bags, decoration... and it must be rubbing off on me.

I was browsing in the Chinese shop the other day and this stuff was in a roll on the counter as I left to pay for something else. I asked how much it was and it was only €2 a metre. (It's about 4.5 inches  (12cm) wide).

Tiny, shiny metallic discs all held onto a woven web of string. Shiny, cheap and multi coloured, what was not to like? I was pretty sure I could come up with something to use it on. (Think  it is largely used to cover phones). It is not self adhesive but that is not a problem.

I was musing over my purchase and wondering what to use it on when I suddenly had a brainwave.
Somewhere, among my cut files, I knew there was one for a Christmas ornament, one to be put on the tree or dangled from the ceiling.
This is the file  and here is what it looks like (for those who don't have a Cameo or Portrait to cut with).  You could copy this from a screen shot and cut it manually.

Note, I have marked the gaps in the lines with arrows for those trying this manually, also there is a hole cut out in the top to put a ribbon through.

Now, I chose to cut it from a piece of clear colourless plastic from a document sleeve. You could cut from card if you wish.
Follow this pattern to cover your design in bling. the strips for this size are two wide. I put double sided tape directly onto the back of the strips of bling, that way I could cut off required lengths, ready to stick.  Leave a gap at the top for the hole but cover the rest, all except the marked squares.  (Ignore the extra cut marks, I had used a scrap with cuts on it!)
Side 2 should look like this

Put double sided tape where I have marked the squares. Leave the backing on until you need to remove it.
 Here is the first join, I've done it without the bling so you can see it better. Turn it over to do the next one. Repeat.

 Here is a picture of the corner with just the tape on it..

Once one bit is joined, you turn it over and join the next square to itself, so repeat the process. Do it correctly and you should not have any gaps in the bling. Work outwards, turning the ornament over each time. You should end up with something like this!
It is much easier to do if you stick all the double sided tape and bling on before you start to assemble it.   I  LEARNED THAT THE HARD WAY so you don't have to!

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