Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Glues, Glitter and Gold - Accents Hints and Tips + NEWS for Silhouette Users!

I decided to make a video today of some bits I have in my craft room. It doesn't happen very often because it is a pain to set up my camera, watch what I am filming and do stuff at the same time! Talk about multi- tasking.

Anyhow, my friend had shared a cut file with me for some cute tags and I wanted to show you various options for adding glossy accents, sparkly bits to things like that.

There are a couple of other things in the video too, so take a look!  EDIT  Free file for a xmas place setting   the one that is seen in this video

 I forgot  to mention, that the Carioca things can be re filled when empty, in fact, I made up a black one this morning. It did take a while to clean it out first, but it was worth it!

The gold foil in the video is a great find. You can buy something very similar, sold for nails, on ebay, very cheaply. It comes in all sorts of colours and patterns and is used in exactly the same way. I suspect, but have not tried, that a mix of glycerine and water would work as a glue for it too, just as I believe it does for refreshing glue pads for stamping.

Big NEWS  for Silhouette users!  I have been able to beta test a new version of the software.

A while back I had brought to their attention that the Cameo was not cutting shapes completely, specially in the case of circles used in Rhinestone function. Every one would have a hanging chad. Irritating when there are a few, enough to make me tear my hair out when hundreds are involved!

The Beta version I have tested has put an end to the problem! YAY!  It was so nice to cut something out and not have to pull bits off!  These would never have been left behind on the mat before.

After testing on the Rhinestones, (the ones still in there are still actually cut out)  I did a few random shapes using all the different tools and some pesky stars...

Bliss!  Cutting as it should!  

 Now I did ask when the public can expect a release, and am told that they would LIKE to provide it before the end of the year but you know what software is like, it will be ready when it's ready.  Rest assured, I will let you know when it comes out!  I was really pleased to find that all my own cut settings for materials had been retained too, didn't lose any.

I'll take this opportunity to wish my American friends a  'Happy Thanksgiving' - just don't over do the Pumpkin Pie!


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