Friday, 7 November 2014

Ribbons, Bows and Fish? Plus Free Studio File.

OK, I have finally admitted that Christmas will be upon us sooner rather than later. No, the date hasn't changed but you know how time seems to speed up in the weeks approaching the holiday? The Season of Goodwill? If only it were Goodwill. In the UK it is more like the season of traffic jams, non stop Christmas pop music and elbows getting where no elbow should ever go. Or trollies shoved in ankles. Adverts extolling the virtues of perfumes and potions that, magically it seems, turn any man into a version of George Clooney or Justin Beiber and women into a cross between a Victoria Secrets model and Victoria Beckham. Or for older women, into either Dame Helen  or Martha Stewart.

For me, that's a nightmare. Thankfully, in Spain, things are not so bad, the shops don't behave like sardine cans until just before the 6th of January for the celebration of the Three Kings Day. By which time, I don't need to shop, Christmas is done and dusted. Literally. Tree down, lights no longer twinkling and the vacuum has been choked to death with fur balls.

No, for me, the joy of the season is making things. Advent calendars, cards, decorations, bows.....ah bows. The simplest of items you would think, but not these days. With the advent of machine made, glossy, paper ribbon bows no doubt created in some far off sweatshop, the slapdash bow of our youth is no longer seen to be good enough. Bow making has turned into an art form all of its own.

I was thinking about this the other day and remembering from a dim and far too distant past, that I was once taught how to make ribbon Birds like the ones here and Ribbon fish.. Now there are tutorials making a ribbon sphere or heart - takes the patience of a saint and the digital dexterity of a contortionist on steroids!

There are easier tutorials on how to make tiny bows   or giant ones, you can spend hours browsing them!

Here is a free Studio file for a Ribbon 'Ladder' - cut it out and thread a narrow ribbon through for a good contrast effect. Depending on the pattern of the card cut out and the colour of the ribbon, you can get some stunning effects to decorate your cards/ gift tags.
So grab some ribbon and get watching. Something to do in the chilly evenings while watching tv!

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