Saturday, 20 December 2014

Move and Replicate Windows in Silhouette Studio Advanced Settings.

I have spent the last day designing a basic form for a layered box frame card. This involved a fair number of pieces, each has to be precisely cut and scored, because if not, they just won't fit well together. It got me to thinking that many of you probably don't use the Move or Replicate windows to their full advantage.
So what do these windows do to make life easier? Let's look at the Move tool first.

The move tool should be used if you need to move an existing object to a precise position.

The top window allows you to move something in one direction at a time only -by a set amount. 
The second window allows movement of an object both to the left or right and up and down at the same time. (If the X and Y settings get you confused, just think of the X as across).
The third window allows you to choose where to move the object corner, also on both planes, while the last window allows you to choose to move the centre of the object to a precise location. 
The differences between these windows are subtle, you need to take care selecting the right one and then click on apply.

More useful, as far as I am concerned, is the replicate tool. This allows you to control exactly where a copy of an object is positioned. Very handy for lattice, grids and indeed, accurate score marks!  Windows in buildings are another use.
So here is the Replicate window, we are going to look at the Advanced pane at the bottom.
Most people are familiar with the basic functions already but the advanced ones are not hard to use, just often forgotten. Interestingly, this is where the duplicate in same position is located. I do sometimes use it when rotating objects around a centre point if I just want one more - as with flower petals because I then know exactly where the duplicate is.
Anyway, the duplicate to a custom position is particularly useful and the panel is pretty simple. Choose the number of replicas and decide how you want them laid out.

You can even choose to rotate the object by a set number of degrees while duplicating and moving them at the same time.

Just think how long it would take to draw all those shapes, replicate it so many times and then change the angles of them all! Here, a couple of clicks and you're done.

So, when you need to do something and repeat it, think about these windows, they could save you hours.

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  1. Thanks, didn't know Studio could duplicate in the same position, don't know how I missed it. Must need new glasses. Agree with you, move and replicate highly under appreciated functions. Love um myself.